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Personal Finance Rule 3 – Max out all forms of PF


This short post reiterates the importance of an essential debt component of any portfolio in India – Employee and Public Provident Fund.  This is a companion post to the India version of Harold Pollack’s Index Card – Pollack’s Index Card: All the financial advice that you ever need – India version. While there are different […]

Wait, NPS still has issues as a retirement asset


The recent announcements on improvements in the New Pension Scheme (NPS see here) have created a lot of buzz around the scheme. The most impact is seemingly from the new ‘Exempt-Exempt-Exempt’ (EEE) nature of NPS. In this post we see why NPS is still not a good enough choice for most people as a retirement […]

FIRE Up – Comprehensive calculator for Early Retirement

FIRE Up - Comprehensive calculator for Early Retirement

FIRE – Financial Independence, Retire Early This long article describes a calculator that combines a set of factors to assess the feasibility of achieving financial freedom early in life. Financial Freedom (FF), or Financial Independence(FI) can be defined this way – the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively […]

Avoid Endowment Plans – PPF gives better returns

LIC's Jeevan Umang whole life policy - Should you buy?

Endowment plans are evergreen products for the insurance industry. They receive a lot of promotion and aggressive selling. In this article, we compare this investment linked product with a separate investment product and show that it helps to not mix insurance and investment.


Pension Plans – Why you should avoid them in India

Pension Plans - Why you should avoid them in India

While it is an unfortunate fact that not many Indians plan for their retirement, there is a more worrisome fact. Even among the few who do plan their retirement,  a large majority do it the wrong way by choosing one of the various pension plans. In this short article, we see the major disadvantages of […]


Annuity Plans – What, Why, and Why Bother


Summary An ‘Annuity’ is a (financial) product that provides a steady, periodic income, over many years,  to the buyer. This part of annuity makes it similar to a pension. Probably due to this, annuity plans are popular in India. In this short article we consider the factors of annuity and look at who it is […]