How does a financial advisor help you succeed?


Introduction In this short article, we will see the most important ways in which a financial advisor can help you meet your financial goals. These points also can be used as a checklist to evaluate the competence of the financial advisor. Who is a Financial Advisor? Financial advisors come in all shapes and sizes. The […]

Regular Funds – Pay more for ‘free’ advice


‘Free’ advice costs you a lot There are many articles that try to establish why regular funds are more suitable for investors. Almost all of them use the following scenarios/models: Advisor/platform providing free advice and logistics for investments in regular funds (free advice model) An investor doing everything themselves and investing in direct funds (Do […]

One reason for SIPs that very few mention

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is growing in popularity every month. A good percentage of mutual fund inflows is through SIPs. The public discussion on SIP is so much that some new investors are led to believe that SIP is a product, rather a mechanism. Along with this, there are strong arguments about why SIP is […]

An Engineering Approach To Build Wealth


  In this long write-up, I discuss an  engineering (methodical) approach to personal finance. I introduce the concept as growing wealthy using an engineering approach. I then describe the parts of the approach in some detail. A full presentation that follows this approach can be found below. This article previously appeared as: Introduction I use the title […]

Why does one need a Financial Plan


You are often besieged by a variety of people who offer ‘financial plans’. Most visitors to banks, particularly the private banks, encounter ‘financial planners’. While there could be different views on the usefulness of these planners, there is no doubt about the importance of a Financial Plan as such. Let us look at the reasons […]