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BASICS of Investing – Five steps before you start

A lot of people are interested in ‘Investments’  to create assets. An often asked question is how to begin investing. In this short article, we look at a sequence of steps in this process, with an easy to remember acronym – BASICS – Budgeting, Annual Cash Flow, Saving for Emergency, Insurance, Corpus calculation, and Start […]

FIRE Up – Comprehensive calculator for Early Retirement

FIRE – Financial Independence, Retire Early This long article describes a calculator that combines a set of factors to assess the feasibility of achieving financial freedom early in life. Financial Freedom (FF), or Financial Independence(FI) can be defined this way – the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively […]

Pollack’s Index Card: All the financial advice that you ever need – India version

Index Card for India The original Index Card for personal finance was published by Harold Pollack here: Index Card  It became quite popular and the author co-wrote a book on it.  In a great episode on Freakanmoics Radio, Pollack listed the rules this way.  The transcript can be found here  (Search for Pollack if you […]

Best Mutual Fund Apps in India

Investing, and tracking investments, using mobile phones has become very popular in India. In this short article, we look at a possible checklist that helps you evaluate the apps. I would not suggest a particular app – one major reason being that this is a rapidly growing segment and there could be a new app […]

Pension Plans – Why you should avoid them in India

While it is an unfortunate fact that not many Indians plan for their retirement, there is a more worrisome fact. Even among the few who do plan their retirement,  a large majority do it the wrong way by choosing one of the various pension plans. In this short article, we see the major disadvantages of […]

Calculators for SIP – Choose the ‘Step-Up’ option

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is growing in popularity every month. A good percentage of mutual fund inflows is through SIPs. A large number of calculators exist to help one with planning a SIP. Most calculators miss the most critical input – the projected increase in investment amount. In this article we look at the importance […]

Mutual Fund – Buy, Hold, Sell?

In a well-executed plan, reviewing your portfolio and taking the right actions is as important as, if not more important  than, the initial selection of investments. In India, you can assume that the choice of mutual funds during review is more than the initial choice of mutual funds. (The mutual fund industry in India is […]

How does a financial advisor help you succeed?

Introduction In this short article, we will see the most important ways in which a financial advisor can help you meet your financial goals. These points also can be used as a checklist to evaluate the competence of the financial advisor.Promotion Who is a Financial Advisor? Financial advisors come in all shapes and sizes. The […]

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