Young Investors – Do’s and Don’ts

  A thread in Quora asked for a list of worst financial mistakes that a person in 20’s can make. The brief answer lists 4 such mistakes. The source of the list is the classic article in ValueResearch Online.Promotion Promotion Buying products only for “saving tax” Waiting for the “right time” to invest Getting high

Calculators for SIP – Choose the ‘Step-Up’ option

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is growing in popularity every month. A good percentage of mutual fund inflows is through SIPs. A large number of calculators exist to help one with planning a SIP. Most calculators miss the most critical input – the projected increase in investment amount. In this article we look at the importance

LIC Jeevan Shanti Annuity – Should You Buy

Often, new products from LIC are widely promoted. This has been the case with the new Single Premium Annuity Plan – Jeevan Shanti. This is billed as a non-participating, non linked plan – which has to be the case with annuity plans. A key feature of the plan is the deferred annuity option. In this