Wait, NPS still has issues as a retirement asset

The recent announcements on improvements in the New Pension Scheme (NPS see here) have created a lot of buzz around the scheme. The most impact is seemingly from the new ‘Exempt-Exempt-Exempt’ (EEE) nature of NPS. In this post we see why NPS is still not a good enough choice for most people as a retirement

LIC’s Jeevan Umang whole life policy – Should you buy?

In the recent days, LIC is running a promotion for its whole life policy – Jeevan Umang. Like any promotion, this campaign highlights the various plus points of the policy, In this article, we compare this investment linked product with a separate investment product and show that it helps to not mix insurance and investment.

Saving Tax – What Not To Do

  Summary After movies, cricket and politics,  tax savings is possibly the most popular topic in India. For a variety of reasons, Indians have been fascinated by the fact that they can save tax outgo by doing something. As an expert said, tax saving bias should be added to the list of biases that investors