Dialing back on mutual fund dividends – A Welcome Development

Mutual fund dividends have been used in interesting ways in India. It is public knowledge that the dividends in mutual funds are not the same as dividends from stocks. Unlike dividends from stocks, mutual fund dividends are paid out from the fund corpus itself – any dividend then decreases the Net Asset Value of the

Overnight Funds – A good choice for safety

Debt mutual funds are promoted as products that give ‘better returns’ than fixed deposits, while being quite safe. This is of course not true. Debt funds carry more risks than bank deposits.  Another popular misconception is around one category of debt funds – Liquid funds. They are almost universally (mis)regarded as a direct alternative to

Young Investors – Do’s and Don’ts

  A thread in Quora asked for a list of worst financial mistakes that a person in 20’s can make. The brief answer lists 4 such mistakes. The source of the list is the classic article in ValueResearch Online.Promotion Promotion Buying products only for “saving tax” Waiting for the “right time” to invest Getting high