Starter Plan

Detailed Financial Plan



  • Risk Profiling
  • Review of existing assets and liabilities
  • Counseling for removing unproductive assets
  • Assessment of Financial Goals (retirement, child education, home purchase, etc.) - 2 maximum
  • Prioritization of Financial Goals
  • Goal Affordability
  • Goal-based Investment Advice
  • Customized Asset Allocation
  • Emergency/Liquidity Planning
  • Mode of Delivery: E-mail
  • Estimated Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

Suitability: Young earners

Fees: Rs 22,500, including GST



Value Plan

Holistic Financial and Investment Plan


  • All features of Starter Plan
  • No limit on number of goals
  • Review of existing mutual fund investments
  • Detailed Investment Advice (including mutual funds)
  • Investment in Mutual Fund Direct Plans
  • Review of Existing Life Insurance products; Review of existing Health and Disability Insurance
  • Life/Health/Disability Insurance Strategy & Recommendation
  • Tax efficient Investment Advice
  • Appropriate Free Consultation throughout the engagement period
  • Mode of Delivery: E-mail
  • Estimated Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks

Fees: Rs 33,000, including GST

Premium Plan

Comprehensive Financial and Investment Plan, with Premium add-ons

  • All features of Value Plan
  • Additional assessment tools
  • Debt consolidation, counseling
  • Household Expense Management
  • Perfios Platinum account at no charge
  • Portfolio Rebalancing - ongoing
  • Unlimited Free Consultation throughout the engagement period
  • Mode of Delivery: E-mail
  • Estimated Delivery Time: 3-5 weeks

Fees: Rs 43,000, including GST


Fee Schedule

  • The fees above apply from Sep 7, 2022
  • The fees are for a period of 2 quarters, and are payable in advance
  • Retainer option available for the next two quarters - Fees are about 18% of the Plan fees


Renewal in subsequent years are about 50% of the Plan fees.  Renewals include a complete review of the plan, updates to the plan to reflect changes in the preceding period, rebalancing advice, and additional analysis tools. (Renewals would also follow the plan period + retainer period model.)

Additional Information

Please contact us for other value-add offerings not covered above.

  • Financial and Investment planning for NRIs
  • Face-to-face meetings

Mutual Fund Transaction and Analysis

  • Optional service, independent of other plans
  • Platform for direct plans - Buy, Sell, Switch, SIP, et al
  • Portfolio Summary and Details
  • Transactions and Performance Analysis
  • Periodic Summary Report
  • Capital Gains Report (with ITR2 data)
  • Optionally track stocks, company deposits
  • Requires sharing of Consolidated Account Statement
  • Mode of Delivery: Online web platform

Fees: Temporarily suspended


We  offer our fee-only financial planning and investment advisory services to discerning clients.  Please share your contact information with us to get started.

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