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Client Testimonials

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41M, Software Professional Bangalore
I connected with Mr Srinivasan (from Srinivesh) for help and guidance for my financial portfolio.
I was amazed at the clearness of thought and how he explained in detail on the process and how he could help.
He has been very professional and all the plans/discussions are in written
format (easy to understand) and gives me a clear vision on where my
investments are headed.
He has helped me with a clear plan for my MFs, health and life insurance
queries and also has helped me chart my retirement plan.
Extremely happy with my decision to take help/guidance from Mr Srinivasan.
S, 36 M, Chartered Accountant Chennai
Despite being a Chartered Accountant myself, I never had the time to analyse my own personal finances. I wanted to have a sounding board on my financial plans and thus chanced upon Mr Srinivasan's profile.
I have been investing in stocks and mutual funds for more than 15 years, but never was I as disciplined as I am now, thanks to Mr Srinivasan. There have been several interactions with him in the past 1 year where I have enriched my knowledge on a lot of topics. So he was more than a sounding board on this account!
I find his plan quite simple and straightforward with a capability to be modified by the user himself (even after the contract period). This makes one independent and to take control of changes in their personal / financial situation. 
Quite happy that I made a decision to go with him.

Fee-Only Financial Planner and Investment Advisor

We  offer fee-only financial planning and investment advisory services to discerning clients.  Please schedule a free, no-obligation discussion with us to get started.

You can also read our blog to get familiar with our approach. It contains a short selection of articles that highlight different components of our approach.

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